Chapter 7 Overview

This is the Chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code that is considered to be for the personal debtor with basically consumer debts. The Act of 2005 did make it more difficult to file and to qualify to file. However, if you pass the Means Test and everything is prepared properly, it will act as an automatic stay and will discharge the qualifed debts. While you can look for a company who helps with debt settlement, you should be very careful that you do not get caught in a scheme whereby you are paying back for years only to find the principal balance has barely been reduced. Debt settlement could be an option, but only if given by a reputable firm. Filing for Bankruptcy under a Chapter 7 can get you a new and fresh start in life. Dischargeable debts are usually those that are unsecured such as credit card bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy how to file involves many factors and it would be advised to get a qualified attorney to electronically file the petition.


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